We Energize Mexican Engineers

Aug 18, 2021 | Business

Through our brands Viakon and Prolec GE, we recognize the work of national professionals.

On National Engineers Day, the Nuevo León College of Mechanical, Electrical, and Electronics Engineers (CIMENL) hosted a recognition event where prominent professionals and executives of the college participated.

The meeting held on July 3 was headed by Juan Angel Montalvo Nava, president of CIMENL, who welcomed the attendees.
For 27 years, the CIMENL has annually rewarded the most outstanding engineering professionals for their contributions throughout their careers. On this occasion, the work of three outstanding engineers was recognized for their contributions in the public sector, private sector, and academia.

The event had an exhibition area, in which we were present with a stand attended by Emanuel Benavides, manager of the Viakable Commercial Network Branch, and the Marketing team.

This way, we join the recognition of Mexican engineers who, through their input, contribute to the mission of energizing life and society.

With information from:
Patricia Tovar