Committed to Environmental Protection

Aug 18, 2021 | Social Responsibility

At Viakable Planta San Luis Potosí, we reaffirm our commitment to the environment.

At our facilities, we hold the Environmental Fair, in which we have the participation of the Department of Ecology and Public Sanitation Services, the Ministry of Ecology and Environmental Management, the CANACINTRA – IPAC Environmental Improvement Committee, and the Mexican Red Cross, among other organizations that provide environmental services to our plant.

The activities were distributed over three dates, according to our energizer’s working role. Through this activity, we generated awareness in our energizers regarding sustainable development.

Additionally, during this fair organized in commemoration of World Environment Day, we:

  • Donated one-hundred plants from the Viakable Industrial Greenhouse in the San Luis Potosí Plant.
  • Collected 30 lbs. of plastic bottlecaps to be donated to the Mexican Association for Aid for Children with Cancer (AMANC).
  • Held “Trueque Verde”: bartering bottlecaps for succulent plants.
  • Raised awareness by organizing talks on, among other themes, climate change, vermicomposting, animal welfare, urban gardens, waste management, water culture, and attention to oil spills.
  • Reinforced the annual Mexican Red Cross drive.

With these types of activities, we strengthen our commitment and responsibility to participate in our planet’s conservation.

With information from:
Lourdes Ávalos Camacho