Casitas: Fifteen Years of Integration, Harmony, and Healthy Recreation

Aug 18, 2021 | Our People

Our recreational center is a space dedicated to offering the best environment for our energizers and their family.

At Viakable, we are incredibly proud of delivering, as part of the anniversary celebration, a special commemorative kit to our employees. The origins of Casitas date back to 1968 when, thanks to our collaborators’ initiative, a social area was built in our Monterrey plant, where our headquarters are currently located. In 1972, this space was formally designated for employee social activities and named “El Refugio.” In 1980, this recreational facility was moved to a lot adjacent to our plant, where it is currently located. There, our collaborators carried out their integration get-togethers known as “Las tardeadas,” and training events and sports tournaments began to be held. In 2006 the site was remodeled, and the then-called “Centro Recreativo Las Casitas” was born to offer more healthy recreation spaces. Since then, our recreational facility continues to grow and renew itself with the sole purpose of offering better and more modern facilities for employees and their families.

As part of this continuous evolution, celebrating its fifteen years, Casitas launches a new image with an updated name and logo. It is now known as Centro Recreativo Casitas.

At Viakable, we are committed to promoting initiatives that ensure the well-being of our energizers.

With information from:
Sergio de la Rosa