We Are Offering a New Line of High-Performance Cables

Aug 9, 2021 | Innovation

Innovative medium voltage cables provide increased safety and reliability.

Our Viakon brand introduced its new line of high-performance medium-voltage cables. These are in-screed cables covered with XLPE insulation.

“Our cables with XLPE jacket (cross-chain polyethylene) for medium voltage, with a screed screen, are ideal for use in clean energy generation projects (photovoltaic and wind farms, for example); underground primary distribution networks in industrial and business areas; and in any project that requires supplying large power loads of electrical energy, providing maximum security for people and their property,” explained Rodolfo Castillo López, Product Engineer at Viakable.

On his part, Walter Reeker Martínez, Product Engineering Manager, stated: “In addition to complying with the conduction capacity in medium-voltage installations that wire-screened cables traditionally use, our high-performance medium-voltage cables offer improved performance by allowing for greater dissipation in the face of a short circuit or fault current.”

Regarding the extraordinary quality of our product, José Luis Ramírez Salas, Commercial Technical Manager, explained: “In addition to complying with NMX regulations, the cables are UL-certified (Underwriter Laboratories), providing greater confidence to customers in search of world-class quality”.

Created by our energizers

Developing a comprehensive solution that responds to the market’s particular needs requires the talent of our energizers collaborating in various areas, including Product Engineering, Process Engineering, Production, Quality, and Marketing.

“I want to especially acknowledge the valuable work of our specialists at CETIV (Viakable Technology and Innovation Center), who permanently contribute with their experience and technological abilities to develop the materials, compounds, and formulations new products require,” Rodolfo Castillo emphasized.”