Vision, Mission and Values



Maximize profitability and overall standards by fulfilling the current and future needs of our customers, employees and stockholders, while maintaining environmental balance and stability.



To be the most efficient manufacturer of world class products while providing outstanding service, high profitability and recognized as a market leader in the Americas.




Respect for People: In our organization, we value dignity in each person, foster their personal and professional development, and appreciate their ideas and contributions. Consequently, we promote a dignified work and life style for our colleagues and their families.
Integrity: We are committed to honesty, consistency and austerity.
Accountability: We assume accountability for our decisions and actions, ensuring compliance of our commitments and reliability in the eyes of our customers, personnel, financial institutions, suppliers, shareholders, community and the environment.

Innovation: We seek sustainability through innovation as well as growth and leadership for our company by means of development of new products, services, processes, business and markets.
Focus on Our Customers: It is the priority for our company that the consumer is satisfied and that we understand and surpass their expectations.
Team Spirit: We believe the best results can be achieved through team work, characterized by openness to new ideas, spirit of service, respect and collaborative learning in a trusting environment.