CME Wire and Cable, Inc. is reinventing how cable and wire is sold in today’s global market. CME’s products are carefully planned to ensure that new and existing customers receive personalized attention. With their core focus on up-lifting prompt service, CME insures that customers have what they need today by supplying high quality products, making them better prepared for tomorrow.
CME provides unparalleled quality service to their customers who facilitate the transport of electrical power. Through their exemplary dependability, consistency and unrivaled responsiveness, CME is setting the benchmark for other businesses to follow.
CME is comprised of three divisions—Distribution, Energy and Magnet Wire.
The Distribution division specializes in residential and commercial electrical distribution.  This division analyzes the needs of each market - that include residential, commercial, and institutional – and aligns itself with partners in each area’s market to create a sustainable symbiotic relationship for both CME and the customer through selective distribution. Utilizing their strategically located distribution centers, this selective distribution allows CME to maintain high fill rates, maximize resource utilization, and increase profitability while providing superb service to CME Distribution customers.
The Energy division serves a select group of customers that include cooperatives, municipalities, transmission companies and investor owned utilities with our products that include bare overhead conductors, primary underground cables, secondary overhead and underground cables, and specialty products like PILC cables. In addition, CME also provides HV and EHV cables and cable systems for underground transmission projects up to 230 kV. This division also serves customers in various industrial sectors – wind, solar, marine, power generation, chemical, aerospace, etc. with specific low, medium and high voltage cables. CME’s exceptional relationship with distributors in utility and industrial segments allows them to provide a customize solution and service for each end-user.
CME’s Magnet Wire division serves world class products to OEM customers in diverse sectors such as automotive, medical, industrial, energy and others, as well as strategic distributors. By utilizing the latest technologies and the expertise of human talent, the Magnet Wire division collaborates together with their customers to align mutual goals; thus, enabling for quick adaption to new requirements and emerging trends.
Always improving and creating additional value for their customers, the Magnetic Wire division offers enamels and impregnation varnishes such as solvent less, air dry, solvent based, water based and others. In addition, copper, silver, as well as tinned plated copper Bus Bars in standard dimensions are available. Made to order, the Magnetic Wire division can serve their customers with prefabricated pieces that meet the strictest requirements in the markets they serve.
CME’s commitment to excellence has gained CME recognition in the marketplace as a quality supplier of wire and cable. This commitment along with the breadth of products, superior packaging and strategically placed distribution centers allows CME to service their customers well beyond the industry standards.